to be the best...
to be the best...
Who does it suit?
Chiropractic treatment is suitable for everyone, including new born babies, the elderly, pregnant women and sports enthusiasts.
What can it help?
Conditions that respond excellently to this treatment include migraine type headaches, neck pain, back or hip pain, chest or shoulder/arm/wrist/hand pain and leg/knee/foot pain. It can also help trapped nerves, slipped discs and pain from spondylitis and arthritis.
Can my problem be cleared up by a Chiropractor?
Most problems need a course of treatment - very occasionally for a minor problem, only a couple of treatments may be needed. The vast majority though, will need a course designed for their particular problem - initially 4 sesions in the first 2 -3 weeks, with longer periods between sessions as the condition improves. Long term conditions will benefit from regular maintenance treatment.

Treatment includes:
Specific manipulative technique
Soft tissue work
Stetching advice
Exercise therapy
Nutritional advice
Sports Injury therapy
Laser Therapy
Home advice
Sports Kinesiology Taping
Catherine France DC MCC
Catherine France DC MCC
Can my problem be cleared?
The news is good! The vast majority of back or joint pain is due to simple straining which should respond within a month. More long lasting problems may take longer. This will be explained to you by your Chiropractor, as you go through your treatment, as it will be different in each case.
If you are not sure, why not book a FREE CONSULTATION with Catherine to discuss your current condition and find out whether Chiropractic can help. You can also email for more information